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Coping with Cancer-Free group at Penn Medicine's Chester County HospitalTe Chester County Hospital Chester County Hospital


Cancer is both physically and emotionally challenging. You need to make sense of all that is happening, but it is not always clear how to best do this. Some people feel very alone in the cancer experience. Others feel it is not possible to fully sort through things with the people who they care about the most. Often it is very helpful to go to a safe space, outside your circle of support, to explore all that is happening as you navigate your unique cancer journey.

This 6-week group is created to provide a safe space where cancer patients and caregivers can connect, share, and learn from one another as they cope with cancer and emotional turmoil. Together we will discuss a wide range of topics and will offer a safe, hopeful support as you explore what your cancer journey means to you and your loved ones. Your facilitator will explore some basic topics and there will also be time to delve into anything that is on your mind.

Groups are limited in size and pre-registration is required.

A new group is forming.  Please call Mary Pat Rush at 610.431.5264 or mrush@cchosp.com to see if this group is right for you!


Coping with Gynecological Cancers-Free group at Penn Medicine's Chester County Hospital

Facilitator-Terry Sturmer, MSW, LSW

Groups are limited in size and pre-registration is required.
Please call Jennifer Cox at 610-732-6893 or email Jennifer.cox@uphs.upenn.edu


Survivorship “Next Steps”

A free two-hour, six-week workshop designed to help Cancer Survivors make the transition from active treatment to post-treatment care. Expert panelists include clinicians, nutritionists, and fitness experts. Survivorship “Next Steps” will answer many of your questions about cancer survivorship and post-cancer treatment. The course covers the following topics:

Facilitated by an Oncology Nurse and Social Worker (Lara Krawchuk)

Next Group: May 3-June 7th

Please contact Sandy Camarota at 610.732.6789 or sandy.camarota@uphs.upenn.edu



CAN DO cancer:  A group for younger adults (18-45) with cancer.

No one expects to get cancer when they are young.  Younger adulthood should be a time for spreding your wings, exploring life away from home, deepening realtinships, building careers, and for many raising a family. Cancer changes all of this.  The diagnosis of cancer at this sensitive time can rock the foundation of who you are.  Join us to explore healing, share wisodm with others who really get it!

This support group was created and is facilitated by the therapists of Healing Concepts, LLC. 

Locations and dates vary so contact us for more information at healing.concepts@yahoo.com